LEA & AM British Values Statement

“Our aim is to ensure that young people leave school with the knowledge, skills and ambition to succeed in modern Britain and to compete in the global labour market.”

Promoting British values is fundamental to achieving this and that is why we continue to ensure that the Department of Education’s five part definition of British Values is delivered not only across the curriculum but also in all of the additional opportunities students at LEA & Al-Mizan have outside the curriculum, in the local community and globally.


I am very excited to take on the new role as Headteacher at LEA and Al Mizan School and I am looking forward to getting to know your children and you over the coming weeks insha’Allah.

I am extremely impressed of our students and their positive attitude towards learning. The children and staff have already made me feel very welcome and I know that they share my vision of us all working closely together in order to ensure that both LEA and Al Mizan continues to be an exciting and lively place for all to learn.


Thank you for supporting us on this journey.


Askor Ali

It was in the summer of 2001 when a group of dedicated parents noticed a need for a school that combines between learning Islamic traditions and a high quality programme of education in teaching national curriculum subjects. Shortly after, Al-Mizan was formed.